While importing vouchers or master many times you may notice error "Can't import, check tally.imp for details". 

What is the reason ?

While importing any data, Tally first checks the following parameters (We have tried to list most common issues)

1. Ledger does not exist in Tally 

2. Item does not exist in Tally

3. Date format not matching or not within financial year 

4. Voucher already exist or imported previously 

5. Debit side and Credit side total not matching 


1. Create the missing ledger or item master in Tally 

2. If master is already exist than please check whether any blank spaces are thier at the end of the name. if yes remove it. This generally happens when any name is copy & pasted from Excel

3. Set correct date format 

4. Check the values or remove formula's 

How to find Tally.IMP file ?

Tally.imp file located under Tally.ERP9 local folder. 

Right click on Tally Icon > Properties > Open File Location > Check for the file type "IMP file" > Open with Notepad

Tally.imp file contains complete data import log with error reasons